This site tends to give information on bangalore to those who are new to bangalore, those who are not so new or who want to find out more on entertainment, travelling, weekend getways, food, malls, general information etc specifically. And other informations which may interest me generally.

Bangalorebeats.com log:

02/11/2007 – Bangalorebeats.com completed 100th posts with the article “Try Bangalore One and Avoid Queue”.

14/01/2008 – Bangalorebeats.com completed 150th posts with the article “Its Time To Stand Up, Check The Blank Noise Project”.

09/04/2008 – BangaloreBeats.com completed 250th posts with the article “Innovative Film City, Bidadi to Open on April 14“.

14/05/2008 – BangaloreBeats.com completed 300th posts with the article, “Serial Blast in Jaipur“.

22/06/2008 – Bangalorebeats.com completed 350th posts with the artcile, “Is the dream low cost air fares over?

13/06/2009 – Bangalorebeats.com completed 600th posts with the article, “ICC 20/20 Cricket World Cup 2009 Schedule

02/11/2009 – Bangalorebeats.com completed 700th posts with the article, “Happy Karnataka Rajyotsava 2009

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