Bangalore Night Life to Come Alive With Deadline Extended to 1 am

Yesterday karnataka Home minister KJ Goerge announced that from March 8, 2014 onwards restaurants can remain open upto 1 am every night and on weekend even bars can remain open upto 1 am. The new deadline will on trail basis for 3 months and then a final decision will be taken. The city which has a sizable expats and large number of professionals working in night shifts this should be a welcome move. And the party hoppers will be overjoyed of course. In the early part of the decade of 2000, I remember the deadline was upto 1 am. But then it was clamped down. I agree government and police authorities had its reason but clamping down is not the solution. But this looks like the government is authorizing funds to purchase more patrolling vehicles and will station home guards to man the central business district.

So Bangalore enjoy and be safe while you party at night!

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