Bangalore Traffic, Human Angle

Traffic jams in Bangalore are now almost order of the day. You take any important road and most likely you will be caught in traffic jams in Bangalore. And in the heat of the situation, allegations that fly refer to what the government is doing regarding Bangalore traffic. But leave alone the government, it would take nobody less than god to smoothen traffic here – mostly because of the way people drive on Bangalore roads. What any government can do if people do not have basic traffic sense and are hell bent on breaking every rule which may be present. If someone who has travelled on Bangalore roads for few days and witnessed Bangalore traffic, I am sure they can understand what I mean.

Traffic jams in Bangalore are largely due to people who do not follow lane discipline, at every chance try to overtake, unwanted or rude honking at traffic jams when they can see they have caught up in a traffic jam, unnecessary honking at traffic signals, overstepping at traffic signals and sometimes even speeding away, driving in one way road just to save some time etc. If people fail to have traffic sense and fail to obey rules then who will make the difference on the road. Bangalore traffic situations will improve handsomely if people start to maintain some discipline.

If you open the morning paper, you will get to read much about Bangalore’s hopeless traffic and the condition of roads in Bangalore. But on the contrary I feel some people do not require roads anymore to travel in Bangalore as they seem to have found that pavements or footpaths can be as good as for this purpose. At most traffic signal or traffic jams in Bangalore you will see many two wheelers trying get to the mouth of the signal by zigzaging along on the pavement. Thank god still now they have not learned how to ride over our heads, because they would surely have done that if that were an option! People talk about small road in Bangalore but I think most roads are wide enough. I read somewhere that Glasgow in UK has even narrower road but take much more volume of traffic than Bangalore. Why? I think the answer is very open to you. And among all these our three wheeled monsters(Autos) are the biggest errant on the road. They change lanes at will, needlessly shout at other drivers, create chaos on road with their helicopter driving skills and what not. They feel people are at their mercy now. Hope Namma Metro will come to people’s rescue soon.

People may visit the following websites to look for info on Bangalore traffic.

Bangalore city traffic department’s website to have a look on the Do’s and Dont’s, good tips on driving etc.

Bangalore Transport Information System’s website to look for live updates on Bangalore traffic, look for directions, avoid traffic jams in Bangalore, car pool, alerts, safety.

8 thoughts on “Bangalore Traffic, Human Angle

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  3. Bangalore Traffic, Human Angle..though this article has been published 2 years back, I do not see much of a change in the traffic sense among the people here.
    The only solace is that I get to see a few of them who at any cost follow the traffic rules strictly. I really appriciate and thank these people.
    Well I feel it is just not sufficient that we alone follow the rules and let others be mute spectators.
    To make a difference in this aspect, I feel each one of us should start creating the awareness not just for the drivers but also for the pedestrians.
    Let it start from us, our family and our friends. This I feel would make a big difference and let us not get stopped by the feeling that What difference can I alone do?

  4. All,
    I have been going through the chanin of comments in this blog. I think each one of us understand that people don’t have basic traffic sense and do not follow the road traffic rules and hence we have this burning problem. If all of us maintain the basic hygene and follow the lane discipline, think about other road users,then we can eliminate the growing traffic problems soon. Otherwise whatever we do- build multiple flyovers, underpass, introduce metro,etc is not going to help. I think we should have enforcement in place like other countries and everything should be automated. If someone vioaltes the rule, should be penalised and after a certain points of repeatitive offences, should be taken off the road. I see this as the only way to bring in disipline. I have been in UK for last 4 years, there roads at some places are 1/3rd of what we have, but because of discipline, hardly you will find any traffic jam. People use ‘THINK’ methodology there which makes you think about others and not just think about yourself and try always to save that 1 minute.

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