Before Marriage, Learn About Marriage Laws in India

Before we buy anything we review it properly. We look for warranty or guaranty. This is the norm. When we buy shares we look for terms and conditions. We look for risk factors. But when it comes to marriage men just take the plunge. When you are thinking of marriage you are thinking of a lifetime decision. ┬áSo don’t you think this lifetime decision can be life changing decision as well in both good and bad ways. So don’t you think it will be wise to know the marriage laws before marriage which governs it?

It has been seen that most men are completely at sea when things go wrong in their marriage or when their wife or in laws file false cases. If you would have known the laws, you would have taken steps to safeguard yourself and your family in this regard. You can take a lot of steps before marriage and in the early days of marriage which can be a life saver and save you and your family from lot of harassment.

Nowadays marriage laws are available online. So it is easy to acquaint yourself with the law. This is your first step. Then you can get in touch with an MRA in your city. If there is no physical presence of Men’s right organization in your city then try their helpline number. You can contact Save India Family Foundation. Then finally you can also consult a good lawyer.

Few links to the laws:

Hindu Marriage act 1955:,_1955

Special marriage act 1954:


The above are just a few URLs for your reference. You can do a search on Google for more info or refer law books from state or central libraries in India. I am writing this article in Indian context so I will be providing references to India. Read the warnings for bachelors by SIF which could a very good eye opener and guidance for you. Also, I would suggest you try the Safe Marriage Training from Confidare.

This article is not to scare men from marriage but to make then aware of the law of the land and safeguard themselves. Make yourself aware of the current situation and act to prepare yourself. Safe Marriage!

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