An Educated and Able Bodied Women Should Work

The constitution of India has given equal rights to all its citizen. So all laws in India should be gender neutral. But the truth is that many laws in India are highly biased towards women. A men need to work for his survival. If he does not work he is called lazy and what not. If a men is unemployed then people make fun of him. No women would like to get married to an unemployed men. No women’s parents would also want their daughters to get married to an unemployed men. However, it is perfectly ok for a women not wanting to work. Now a days there are so many instances where the women is educated and able bodied but still do not want to work. Is it only the men’s responsibility to earn? Is this not a bias?

If an educated women with a able body / mind is not willing to work, it is actually a loss to the society and the nation. The education which she has attained should be used to give back to the society and the nation. When we work we are also increasing economic activity and by providing income tax we are also giving a helping hand to nation building. I feel every able bodied men and women should work. There should not be any gender bias on this. All nations and even the UN is talking about gender equality but are they also taking stock of what kind of equality are we achieving.  If any organization or nation is talking about gender equality then it should be equal by fair means.

Chrissy Stockton wrote an article on why women don’t want Careers. She says that most of the women don’t want to have a career because she has an option whereas men don’t. For men work is not an option but a survival thing. Amy Glass says when it comes to women there is no equality gap there is an ambition gap. There may be opportunity issues for women from poor families or rural areas. But Amy Glass’ words do apply to all educated women from well to do families. The bottom line is everybody should have a will to work and contribute to the society and nation. Sheryl Sandberg said “Until women are as ambitious as men, they’re not gong to achieve as much as men.” It is not fair to blame men if they are successful because of their hard work. HuffingtonPost India has noted 17 points on why women should work. Sheroes notes 30 points and wisestep notes 12 points. They say it makes a women better.

Then there is this trend as well, women wants to quit their job post marriage. Is after marriage the women becomes incapable of work or it is just the husband’s responsibility to earn? Women should work because it is for themselves mostly.

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