Harley Davidson Bikes Will Be for Sale in India Soon

When the whole world is looking for big hungry Indian market how come legendary bike maker Harley Davidson stay away for long. So here they comes to tap the Indian market in 2010. Though many companies have outsourced component manufacturing or have setup their manufacturing unit in China or India, Harley Davidson will not be manufacturing any bikes here. They say Harley Davidson is an American legend and that is why people want to buy it. They do not want to loose the made in America tag.

It is said that only 800 Harley Davidson bikes have to allotted to be sold in India for 2010. As of only 5 cities will get Harley Davidson showroom and Namma Bengaluru is one of them. The other 4 cities are Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chandigarh. Booking across India will start from April 20, 2010. However, in Bangalore booking will start from May 20/21, 2010. On offer will be 12 models priced in between Rs 6.95 lakh and 34.95 lakh. Check the historic timeline of Harley Davidson.

Bangalore Showroom name: Tusker Harley-Davidson

For more info visit their official website: http://www.harley-davidson.in

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