How Safe is Public Partying During Festive Seasons in India?

Given the reports comming in media in recent times during new year or some other public festival that women are molested in full public view in public places, it is time to do some serious introspection that “How Safe is Public Partying During Festive Seasons in India?” These men who commit such acts in the guise of large gatherings will not even dare to talk to the victim at other times. But in the guise of huge gathering and public fun goes to the extent of even tearing the cloths of the victim. Today news channels flashed reports of two young women were molested just outside a five start hotel JW Marriot in mumbai by more than 50 frenzy male revellers. The more concern is it happened in an upscale area such a Juhu. Rather than saving the womens more male kept on joining to taste their pound of flesh! Is this our Indian culture? Journalists with the Hindustan Times were presnet there who took pictures and alerted the traffic police nearby. This is not happening for the first time, last time such an incident was reported in the media. Click here to view the video of the incident which took place at Gateway of India.

mumbai new year molestation
Pictures taken by Hindustan Times photographers of the Mumbai molestation incident

mumbai new year molestation

mumbai new year molestation

mumbai new year molestation

mumbai new year molestation

mumbai new year molestation

mumbai new year molestation
Pictures courtesy of Hindustan Times

Read about person account and few incidents written by Nita. 

In another incident a swedish 15 year old girl was molested in front of their parents at fort kochi on the new year’s eve. This is not just one, there were quite a few instances of foreign tourists being raped in India recently. What kind of image we are representing to the tourist world!

So take the reins of your security in your hand as much as possible, as not much help will come forward from the cops when no case till now has been registered till now when hard evidence in photographs are available. Good, that we did not get to hear any incident like this in Bangalore. But as we know there are many cases which go unreported in India due to social stigma or otherwise. I have decided to write about this from what I have seen in Bangalore over the years and other places and coupled it with other sources and formulate ways on what we could do to be safe and still have a decent party and fun. So now how will you ensure your security?

1. Stay away from places where large gatherings take place and places thronged by revellers like Brigade road-MG Road in Bangalore, Gateway of India in Mumbai etc.

2. If you like to be in these places be sure to take along a few of your male buddies but make sure to be out of these places before 9 pm. This time I saw that most of the shops were closed in Brigade road-MG road by 8 pm.

3. No alone roaming for women in the night. Also, dont count too much on your male buddies in case if he is not a don or big shot as he or your buddies will not be able to do anything when you will be surrounded by a group of tounge wagling 50 male revellers in a large gathering.

4. Women do not visit any pubs/disc/party meant for stags or open for singles also. Also, men do not take your women to such places to avoid risking your girl getting pinched. Go to places which are exclusively meant for couples even if the price is higher.

5. If you cannoy afford an exclusively for couples pubs/disc/party then you may try a decent resturant for a quite dinner, arrange a party at home or arrange one at your/your friend’s farm house.

6. Try as much as possible to have your own transport. If you have your own car, coloured glasses are better.

7. Do not give lift to any group of males of more than 2 and no one if they are drank. Do not even stop the car.

8. I hate to play fashion police but for security it may be wise to keep a check on your dress during festive nights. As some crack/loner might see you and might think that you are his only chance to have some good time with a beautiful girl.

9. Inform your family members where you are going and keep handy the police/traffic control room number.

10. Do not go city roaming or its outskirts in the night during festive seasons like new year etc.

Check a few more tips to prevent molestation written by Nita.

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  3. absolutely astonished to see these pictures. it is not a good sign of our country india. the government should ban all the celebrations on road to avoid these sort of things. In addition i will say to indian girls not to go to these molestations dens. dont intermingle with males. the best buddy of a girl is her husband only

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