Hrithik Roshan Stalked or Not by Kangana!

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut claims she has been in a relationship with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. In an interview she first referred to Hrithik as her silly Ex. Then she came out with the name. Kangana and people on her side has been name calling on Hrithik for quite some time. She even used this issue to promote her movies. The most recent occasion was the on the eve of  release of her movie Simran where she made vicious allegations. Hrithik has today come out with a statement today on Twitter and Facebook. I feel he has been very graceful through out the whole incident. I see he has wrote the statement with very balanced words so that he do not sound anti-women. See where we have come to that if one men has to write his side of the story he has to word it carefully so that he is not branded anti-women. No where are the liberals and media when freedom of expression in question itself.

He had filed a police complaint to save himself. It is every individual’s rights to do things for his / her safety. So if something is wrong it is his duty to bring to the notice of police – which he did. Hrithik has given his phone, laptop and email account for investigation. So he has come out with details but Kangana on the other hand is dilly dallying to provide evidence if she has any. When police asked for her phone, she said it has fallen into water and her laptop has gone for repair. A 7 year relationship between two bollywood celebrity and there is no whisper in the media is unbelievable. Kangana on claim of her relationship has provided only one picture. Which Hrithik has said a photoshoped picture and has been supported by his ex wife Suzzane and friends/people who were present then. In this era of selfie is it unbelievable that a 7 year relationship do not even have a picture.

Kangana has claimed that they have been engaged in Paris in 2014. But Hrithik has shown his passport to police to show that he has not been to Paris in that period of time. So someone cannot just claim figments of their imagination because she is a women. Being women do not give anyone license to tarnish one’s reputation. Kangana should provide proof to substantiate her claim or she should not make baseless allegations.

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