Indian News Media Has Become Tabloid and Sexist

It is few years now that the actual news section has become smaller and tabloid contents and everything else fills space on their website: It churns out articles daily like:-

Lisa Ray raises temperature in Thiland

Taapsee Pannu turn up the heat

Sanjay Dutts daughter flaunts her well toned body in a sizzling outfit

The first picture in Lisa Ray’s article has the following caption:

Lisa Ray, who has been away from the limelight for quite some time now, is raising temperatures in bikini as she celebrates her wedding anniversary in Thailand. 

So Times of India thinks women need to get in their bikini or raise temperature to come back or stay in limelight? Newspapers / websites like this actually objectifies women and tend to show that women is just their sexuality. I think women is much more than just their sexuality. Such posts just goes to promote that sexuality sells.

Before going further I would like to clarify that I am not against what anyone wears. It is their personal choice. What I want to message is newspapers / news websites has become tabloids. News has been made as a commodity and only that news is pushed which can bring TRP. Why women’s group or feminists do not object to such articles? Professional feminists always talk of objectification of women. Don’t they know how objectification of women happens or who does it? But they will be always very generic and blame men. Because it is the easiest thing to do. Touching or finger pointing at people in the media or the establishment is not something they want to risk. Liberals / pseudo liberals will say this is liberation of women. But what kind of liberation of they have in mind for women. In India women at large should should be able to see through it.

Somewhere I had read recently where Hugh Hefner had claimed that through Playboy magazine he had worked on Women’s liberation. Not sure what kind of women’s liberation he achieved in his Playboy mansion! General women should not fall for propaganda which is played day in and day out. If women at large are able to look at the issue with little more open mind they will be able to see the vested interests that are playing out. These days everybody talks of women empowerment and has become sort of fashion. But we need to note that when something becomes everybody’s business then it is actually nobody’s business. Most in the position of power or in the establishment gives lip service and actual issue is never focused on. Maybe they don’t want to address it either. Women empowerment is a huge business and seen as a vote bank as well.

When all sorts of media is promoting sexuality but then why only men is blamed? These days in media there are scores of women are in powerful decisions making positions. What are they doing about it? Well the blame will continue to be on men as it is the most convenient and easiest thing to do. And mind it no risk or repercussions  are involved in it. We talk of only objectification of women but on the other hand objectification of men also happens. But main stream media never speaks about it. Men are objectified as a provider. Men’s respect barometer runs on how much he is able to provide. If he is unable to provide then he will be termed unsuccessful and junked. However feminists will not talk about the media which is run by the leftists or pseudo liberals. Leftist or pseudo liberal media are the darling of feminists. Women at large in India just join the dotted lines and you will be able to see through it.

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