Interesting Bots in Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is a new collaborative product on the Office 365 platform. It has various collaborative features but through this post I will talk only about bots.

What is a bot?

A bot (short for “robot”) is a program that operates as an agent for a user or another program or simulates a human activity. Bots are being used a lot over the internet and applications these days like Microsoft Team.

It has an interesting bunch of bots like Emojify which can convert any word to a emoji (graphics). Say if I type men, it will convert the word men into a graphics of men. There is Workbot which connects applications like Salesforce with Microsoft Team. This will allow users to access data from Salesforce and share in Microsoft Team. There is also analytics bot which requires you to connect to Google Analytics to capture analytical data.

These bots are automating a whole lot of work for users and cutting boundaries to make sharing of data from different applications more possible. Now lets learn how to add and use a bot in Microsoft Team:

  1. Besides the Team name click on the ellipse

2. From the drop down click on View Team

3. Click on Bots

4. Click on Discover

5. On the pop-up window select the bot you would like to use or use the search box to search for one.

6. Click on any of the bots you would like to use. On the pop-up window click on Add.

7. Now you go to the General tab and in the chat windows type @Emojify Men and the bot will reply back with the graphics of Men. That is this bot converts the word to a graphic automatically.

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