Did Modi Government Created the Jobs it Promised?

In the run up to the 2014 Indian general election, PM Modi told if voted to power BJP government would create 10 million jobs. Hindustan Times says on the contrary there has been a slight increase in unemployment after the BJP government came to power. First post quoted Narendra Modi saying that 65 percent of the Indian population below the age of 35, the youth, currently struggling with unemployment, can be galvanized into a force for the development of the country. And in this regard his government would create 1 crore (10 million) jobs to realize the full potential of the youth. Ministry of Labour and Employment data shows that there has been a continuous dip in employment generation under Prime Minister’s employment generation program. The decline started in the UPA government days. But after coming to power the BJP government has not been able to arrest the decline yet as shown by Hindustan Times.  Huffingtonpost says job creation has sinked to its lowest in a decade.

The BJP government announced schemes like Make in India, StartUp India etc but they have not yielded the desired result. There is no visible uplift in Job market. However, there have been many news of pink slips in the industry. Jobless growth is one of the biggest challenge in India today. The population of India is about 1.324 Billion (source: Worldometer) and very soon will surpass China’s 1.379 billion (source: worldometer). Young population of a country are its asset but not when they are jobless and restless. If they are unable to find any meaningful source of income then they will look into ways which may be detrimental to the nation and society. I am not sure if the government understands that population is directly proportional to employment. The growth in population also affects employment. India is a population surplus country, it is high time the government should focus on to reduce population growth as well along with employment generation avenues. Also, government need to stop all sort of illegal migration to India. We must stress that India is not a dharmashala. Land availability has reduced drastically, our forests, water and natural resources are stressed, our cities are busting at the seems and soon may look like urban slums. India Today says job creation is the biggest challenge for Modi government. The Wire talks about the various things which are affecting job creation and its impact.

A country of Billion plus population and a majority of it is young. But if they remain jobless then restlessness will sip in. A country of considerable young jobless and restless people could be a receipt for disaster. PM Modi talked about people export and how it brings foreign exchange. But we must understand why those people first left the country? If anyone voluntarily leaving the country and settling abroad then it is fine. But the majority of people leaves the country because of livelihood, better opportunity and standard of living. These non resident India are surely ambassadors of India and now the government wants to cash in on them. So the question is why were all the governments unable to create enough opportunity for these people who were compelled to go abroad for a livelihood? Talking of big job creation number is easy during election time but who will follow up on that. In the BJP manifesto it talked about developing labour intensive manufacturing and tourism. But we do not see any high visibility impact. If we have to reduce unemployment in India then manufacturing sector should be the engine of growth and we must reduce our population as well. There has been some FDI in manufacturing but that does not seems to be enough. BJP probably has already got a taste of the economic standing in the recent Gujarat election. If it do not take accelerated steps to improve job creation and market economy, then the angry young voters may not spare Modi government in 2019 Indian general election.

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