Interesting Bots in Microsoft Team

June 13, 2017 – 4:56 pm

Microsoft Team is a new collaborative product on the Office 365 platform. It has various collaborative features but through this post I will talk only about bots.

What is a bot?

A bot (short for “robot”) is a program that operates as an agent for a user or another program or simulates a human activity. Bots are being used a lot over the internet and applications these days like Microsoft Team.

It has an interesting bunch of bots like Emojify which can convert any word to a emoji (graphics). Say if I type men, it will convert the word men into a graphics of men. There is Workbot which connects applications like Salesforce with Microsoft Team. This will allow users to access data from Salesforce and share in Microsoft Team. There is also analytics bot which requires you to connect to Google Analytics to capture analytical data.

These bots are automating a whole lot of work for users and cutting boundaries to make sharing of data from different applications more possible. Now lets learn how to add and use a bot in Microsoft Team:

  1. Besides the Team name click on the ellipse

2. From the drop down click on View Team

3. Click on Bots

4. Click on Discover

5. On the pop-up window select the bot you would like to use or use the search box to search for one.

6. Click on any of the bots you would like to use. On the pop-up window click on Add.

7. Now you go to the General tab and in the chat windows type @Emojify Men and the bot will reply back with the graphics of Men. That is this bot converts the word to a graphic automatically.

Tips to Identify Fake People

June 8, 2017 – 3:15 pm

Fake people are all around and the best thing one can do is to keep them away. Once you allow them entry to your heart and house, you are at the risk of your own peril. So to avoid that mistake one must know how to identify fake people. Today I will share few tips on how you can differentiate between fake people and genuine people.

  1. Genuine people respect everyone. Fake people respect only people with power.
  2. Genuine people don’t try to make people like them. Fake people try hard to make people like them.
  3. Genuine people aren’t attention seekers. Fake people are desperate for attention.
  4. Genuine people don’t brag. Fake people show off all the time.
  5. Genuine people express their opinion openly. Fake people gossip a lot.
  6. Genuine people always try their best to live up their promises. Fake people make commitments easily, but seldom keep them.
  7. Genuine people admire others and often praise others. Fake people always criticize others to make themselves look great.
  8. Genuine people are nice and helpful most of the time. Fake people are only nice when they have a hidden agenda.
  9. Genuine people will be natural in the early stages of introduction. Fake people will love bomb you, shower with attention more than required, call you everyday, call anyone multiple times who have influence on you.
  10. Genuine people will be consistent with what they say. Fake people will be inconsistent with what they say over a period of time.
  11. Genuine people is like what you see is what you get. Fake people have an image to maintain. One must notice how they behave with their family members, friends, colleagues and you. If the difference is significant, it is a red signal.
  12. Genuine people will encourage for your development as a person. Fake people will be little you. Bad mouth openly or in a subtle way.
  13. Genuine people will treat you as you are. Most fake people will try to control you and will be manipulative.
  14. Genuine people offers help genuinely. Fake people offers help with an intention to win your trust or get entry to your sphere. Such people will want to help you even if you do not want to involve them. Once you took their help for few times and when they feel you are under their influence they slowly start to show their true color. Fake people offering help most of the time has an ulterior motive. They are offering help to get something from you.
  15. Genuine people forms friendship / relationship when they really like someone. Fake people’s relations are need based or based on a motive. So they want to move fast in a relationship. So if someone is hurrying up a relationship commitment be careful. Also watch out their behavior, it can tell a lot about their motive.
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