Palestine’s Envoy to Pakistan Attends Rally with Hafiz Saeed

Few days back India had voted against United States and Israeli move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. India has been in favour of Palestine since its independence. Indian’s first prime minister Nehru even promoted this in NAM (non aligned movement). I think its time to take a hard look at what India has achieved out of its support for Palestine. In real geo politik every country need to see its self interest and cannot be expected to be a self less messiah. Many experts say that Palestine being an emotive issue among the Arab countries, it may harm India’s interest in the middle east if it does not support Palestine’s cause. So lets now see if India’s support of Palestine has brought any tangible benefit home.

  1. Did the Arab world helped India in condemning and reigning Pakistan on terrorism?
  2. Did the Arab world come overtly in support of India at the world stage?
  3. Did it gave us exponential economic benefits?

The answer to the above three questions are no. Though there are many Indians who work in middle eastern countries like Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc. Most Indians there work hard as cheap labour and earn their livelihood. No one is giving them free meal. The Saudis or non state actors of Saudi Arabia promotes Wahhabism in India. News papers have reported that non state actors from Middle east fund terrorism activity in India and Pakistan. So did it really help India in its various issue by supporting Palestine? Covert relationship existed with Israel and full diplomatic relationship was formed only in 1992. The Modi government is making efforts to improve relationship with Israel and it is a strategic relationship now.

But in spite of this India voted against Israel in the UN. Looks like Indian political leaders just don’t get it. Left, right or the center, just don’t get it. These vestiges of Neharuvian socialist policies needs to be re-visited and rectified. You vote for Palestine and then soon their envoy to Pakistan goes and handshakes with designated global terrorist Hafiz Saeed who had wrecked bloodbath in India. Hafiz Saeed is the person who is always conspiring against India and Palestine’s envoy goes and shares public space with him. It clearly shows that Palestine’s foreign policy do not have much sensitivity towards Indian concerns. Indian government and political leaders needs to take cognizance of this and move in a direction which is in true interest of India.

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