Look Out For Signs in Marriage to Know if False Case is Coming Your Way

False cases on matrimonial issues are being submitted left and right these days. In many cases innocent men does not even know what is happening and why it is happening. He anticipates things will become alright. Found a piece of nice phase wise info which can given hints to men in marriage what is coming. Look out for this signs to see if false case is coming your way.

Phase 1: Acclimatize the husband to what’s coming next -Domination!

1) Wife creates trouble or quarrels start after few weeks / months of marriage. Husband doesn’t know it yet that wife comes from a feminist/ matriarchal family where mother is the dominant person in the household (even if not so in public).
2) Wife creates many incidents where she complains either about husband’s mother, or about husband himself. Man tries to fulfill her wishes and desires but she will start finding problems in all things that husband does for her so that she can keep building pressure on him to do more for her by showing dissatisfaction in everything. That dissatisfaction from her side would
obviously come after enjoying the actual things. This applies even if husband gives her expensive gifts. She will still give points of comparison and dissatisfaction for that too.
3) She may not do usual expected duties of wife like cooking, taking care of household (assuming she is a housewife which is the scenario in 80-85% of cases). Wife will say it is domestic violence to do household work and show world that she was the only working thing in his home. And she will start showing sex as a favor done on man.
4) Husband may feel there are a few positive things also in this early part of marriage, like honeymoon experience and so on. So having had no experience of such situations being created by wife, he usually thinks that it is just teething troubles of early marriage and things will get better over time.


Phase 2: Time to test the husband:

Wife leaves husband’s house and go to her parents’ place
1) Common scenario in this phase is that husband keeps thinking in very straightforward manner that this is just a passing phase.
2) So he dutifully opens up communication with wife/ in-laws to bring her back.
3)This is the first test of the newly-wed man, so the in-laws will take this opportunity to insult, humiliate, dominate him. They will tell him of certain flaws in him, or certain things he should have done
but he did not do.
4) Our man will be surprised and startled, but still he will dutifully listen and think that in-laws are like parents/ elders; and anyway there’s no harm in listening to some unjustifiable insults if it results in wife coming back. So that’s exactly what he does and brings back the wife.
5) Husband thinks that things will be all smooth from now. He is happy and looking forward to trouble-free life and marital bliss. But unknown to him the feminist/ matriarchal in-laws and wife have conducted their first successful test on him and understood his weak points for future exploitation. She/ her mother will keep creating ground for this till she gets regular money and starts fake outrage with cheap allegations once man deny their demands.


Phase 3: Maybe few more tests, then go for the siege

1) Now the wife and Mother in-laws have seen husband’s weak points. Mostly he seems like a nice, middle class guy from a middle class Indian family. This is exactly the kind of soft target feminist families want to see in their son-in-laws. Law abiding, god fearing, good citizen kind of folks who can buckle under pressure of false cases and believe that legal or police cases are a blot on their family reputation.
2) In this phase, there may be few twists depending on each case. Usually the wife will leave for her parents’ place based on some excuse and then they will keep quiet for a few months. The idea is to frustrate the husband and make him feel guilty as to what is missing in his behavior that wife doesn’t seem to be happy.
3) Sometimes the wife gets pregnant and leaves for delivery to her parents’ place. After that they just keep quiet and keep husband guessing and frustrated more and more with passage of time.
There is big misunderstanding in such families that she thinks law can help women even if she put false allegations where actual facts are with him:) Supreme court has already said the almost 80% of 498a,DV cases found to be baseless , evidence-less and just to harass person if their personal grudges are not fulfilling.
One has to step out to see the real world..
Be brave and hit back to fight such minds..
Don’t accept false things and if man is sure on himself for all his sincere efforts after marriage towards her then let her/mother-in-law go to court trial and prove her false allegations and he will come out of it with flying winning colors.
The truth always wins..!!


Courtesy: Mard ko bhi dard hota hai Facebook page

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