Use Tcop Anti-Theft Device for Your Car and Bike

Car and bike theft are on rise. If you have to park your vehicle at any parking place and go for shopping or some other work it can shake your peace of mind. Unfortunate if anyone lose a vehicle then you are at the mercy of our police. I doubt if they even care apart from the high and the mighty. But now with a device called Tcop you can act as a copy for your vehicle. Tcop is an anti-theft device for car and bike manufactured by iTrans located at Bannerghatta road, Bangalore.

How it works?

You will have to purchase this device which includes a sim card and fit on your vehicle car or bike. If you vehicle is stolen or tampered with you will receive an SMS message from the device to any cell phone number your configure. Also, the movement of the vehicle can be detected on a map platform like Google Earth. It draws little power from your vehicle battery and do not require recharging. The owner should register once and then he can decide whether he want the sms tracking or internet map based tracking. The owner can send a sms to the device which in turn will create a siren attracting attention from passerby. It can also track the route taken by the vehicle in past 72 hours. This will add a layer of security for your car or bike. With such information on hand will force the police to work.

But what about if the device is detached from the vehicle by the thief! So keeping your vehicle safe is the best option. Park it at secure locations with engine lock and handle lock.

The device will cost you in between Rs 1500 to 6000 and Rs 100 for a pre-paid card to receive sms for an entire year.


2 thoughts on “Use Tcop Anti-Theft Device for Your Car and Bike

  1. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. Do you have this service here too? If so i would love to install it in my bike.

  2. Hi Nirvan,

    I am not sure if that service is available there. However, you may contact the device manufacturer directly to find out.

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