Tips for Remarriage for MEN with Divorced/Widowed Women

1. While selecting the girl always select the working lady and she must have equivalent salary/income with yours. Don’t forget to ensure by asking proof of her income by way of Income tax return. The girl who don’t pay income tax ignore her. (So that if she file false Cr.P.C. 125 and DV case upon you then you don’t need pay maintenance to her and also she should not get legal aid )

2. Make full background check of the girl and also of her father/mother/brother/sister. If any of her siblings ever filed 498A/Cr.P.C. 125/DV then reject her immediately.

3. Make sure to check if the girl ever filed any of the cases like Cr.P.C. 125/DV/498A on her previous husband.

4. As you might be the new ASS (Bakra) for her, always insist over asking the details of her previous marriage and the address of her previous husband. Then meet her previous husband/ Father-in-law/mother-in-law/sister-in-law/bother-in-law……… and check if there is any false details given by her to trap you. Then immediately reject her.

5. Ask for the divorce papers and check if there is any compromise deed, and check if the previous husband paid her any alimony…. (if the answer is yes… then reject her)

6. Don’t forget to check the reasons behind her previous divorce, never trust the girl or her family blindly. Always crosscheck with her previous husband and his family. if anything is suspicious then reject her immediately.

7. Check if she has any kids.
(a) If Yes and living with her then reject her because she is the one behind separating a child from his/her father.
(b) If yes and kids living with her previous husband even then immediately reject her because she has not any heart and if she can’t be a good mother then she can’t be a good wife.

7. Even if all above points go in your favor and you decide to marry that girl, then do the court marriage and don’t forget to enclose affidavit containing few details like girl’s income, marriage is without dowry, marriage is simple, etc. with your marriage registration so that it may help you in future if any problem comes.

8. After the marriage or before marriage never tell you wife about your actual income. Never tell her about your any properties.

9. Never be in hurry for planning for kids, at least take 2 years to fully understand her.

10. Never ever open a joint savings account or locker with your wife.



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