Useful Websites


This site offers over 40,000 free smileys and emoticons to spice up your chats or blog posts, including packs for MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and few more favourites. And yes, there’s a whole section for display pictures too. Check it out!


Having trouble sending large sized digital photos to friends? Try out DoSize, which lets you upload, resize and send all of your images in three easy steps. Also, if you are not good with image ratios, the site breaks it down in simple photograph size terms for your.


Icons are a crucial element of design, be it for web layouts, software development or simply to give your PC a make over. This site offers download of over 500 high quality and completely free icons, ranging from regular desktop art to more complex ones that will suit designers.


We create Stuff is a site managed by a group of self titled “nerds with way too much free time”. Dont let the self deprecative homour fool you folks. These guys are really talented as can be seen by the three projects they have put up. Gamers are specially like the flashed based version of Portal available there.


Using multiple instant messaging accounts? Check out this site, which lets you sign into MSN< Google, Yahoo and AIM right from your browser. Also, it supports video chat. A handy resource, in case if the network is blocking direct access to your messenger accounts.


A good place for bookworms to read books free. It is an online library which offers thousands of books for students, teachers and enthusiasts.


Very useful website for people using Windows XP OS. The resource contains registry fixes, scripts, troubleshooting guides and freeware utilities to help resolve problems in the OS.


This website can create password for with entering some info and in return it will create a password for you with that combination. If you do not like you can also change that combination or you can provide new info for a new password.


If you check many websites on a daily basis, this is a cool resource to help make browsing easier. Create an account and log in to customize the unique tabled interface according to your preferences. In each tab, you can create thumbnail links to your favourite sites, thus giving a neat and easy to use interface. All in all, a handy tool to use if your browser is looking to cluttered with multiple tabs.


This site is dictionary but it also tells how to pronounce a word. If you are not sure how to pronounce a word just key it in the text box and when it appears in pink, move your mouse over and it will pronounce the word for you.


This site seeks to provide information on history and how women has had an impact on it. The site targets teacher, students, parents, history buffs and other interested public, helping them learn more about important women in world history through biographies, essays, short stories and other data.


AppAppeal has a vast collection of detailed reviews of web-based applications. The resource has various categories, such as blogging, games, music, instant messaging, social networking, start pages, email, file sharing, etc.


This website is offbeat and total wacky. It features totally useless office skills by Rick Davis. This website is trove of skills that you can learn to do with your office stationary. This hilarious site is a great gateway for the bored and hardly working.


On this website you can track and talk all about the books, music, movies, food and other items that interest you. You can amrk product in three ways: I am consuming this, I have consumed this and I intend to consume this. Write reviews, recommend stuff to look out for.


This website exhorts you to draw, sketch or doodle something on the screen. After you are done, click on the submit button and you will receive a random drawing from someone else. All the sketchs are approved the people who run the site, so the sketch you get in return are safe for kids.


If you are calorie conscious then this website can help you. The site claims to have various delicious recipes, all under 200 calories. Also features various categories like Indian, Chinese, Italian, seafood etc.


Fans of the party game pictionary are bound to love this website. XSketch takes pictionary online by putting it into a multi-player setting. The rules remain the same: sketch the word you are given or guess the word that someone is depicting, but remember you will need the latest flash player to play the game. You just need to register, pick a table of participants and start playing.


This site lets you listen to audio tracks of famous movies and TV shows. Huge collection and is a treasure trove.


This is a questions and answers site which answer almost FAQs with over 5 million Qs and As and could be one of the biggest FAQ database on the net.


This site is a heaven for gamers stuck at odd spots in a new video game. Cheathappens has various ways for you to get out of the jam: cheats, tips, trainers, hints, guides, walk – throughs and even user submitted questions and answers – available for PCs and all consoles. the site also has a good collection of game wallpapers for your desktop or laptop.


If you are frequent traveler and suffer from allergies to certain food items, check this site for help. It provides a free translation service for people who react adversely to so some foods. Choose from the 22 food items and 20 languages and you will be provided with an emergency card and helpful translations for restaurants, doctors and airport security.


This site comprises 41 questions to determine ones personality type. It is a free personality test thats based on Myers – Briggs and jung’s research into the personality types. The result after the test list out your personality type, ideal career options, as well as graphical slider that gives you an indication of your personality. Good place to know yourself.


It is a very good website to know about accents. The site has QuickTime recordings of people all over the world, individually reading out the same paragraph of text, The archive which was constructed as teaching and research tool, is meant to be used linguists and those interested in various accents. The site also allows users to compare the demographic and linguistic backgrounds of the speakers in order to determine which variable are key predictors to each accent.


In their own words, “Amazing Recipes. Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created and rated by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world. Open Source Food is your gastronomic hub where every visit will bring inspiration and a rumbling belly..”


This site is like a news of news feed aggregator, that collects news links from the most popular resources online. The site is neatly divided into categories, with each one having sub sections containing tons of stories.


This website helps you take your computing online and access it from anywhere. Bloxtr is completely free and offers a familiar window like interface, complete with an office suite, games and accessories. You can upload your files to store them and once altered, you can either save them online or download them to any PC. A great site that makes computing anywhere possible.


Tired of software with 30 day expiry limits? Then check this site, it has a list of best free software on the internet. Browsing is made easy with categories such as anti-virus, CD/DVD, instant messaging, office tools, etc and each software is helpfully broken down with a short description and a link to its download page.


This is a good online game site to do away with your time. Adds a new game every friday and have categories like new games/popular games.


For shutterbugs, this site offers everything you needed to know about photography. a beginner’ s guide, buying guides, for cameras, tips on photography as well as photo editing. The resource also offers camera reviews and a few easy tutorials.


This site is full of tips, tricks, hints and general information about variety of daily chores, such as removing stain from the table and car maintenence. The whole site is navigated by a helpful map of a house that divides the activities according to the rooms they would be conducted in. And if you can’t find what you are looking for then you can check for their sister site – and post a query.


This site offers one of the coolest ways to check pictures on flickr. Tag Galaxy breaks down the popular photo sharing system into a solar system using image tags as planets. The site also offers some nice animations as you refine your search to the final planet.


Now a days we do activity on more than one spocial networking site. That way it can become little difficult update and check all your profiles. This website makes it easier by aggregating some of the most popular networks such as Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, MySpace etc. It is comepletely free and lets you check and send messages from the same place for different accounts.


Totlol is a video sharing portal where parents can share cute, comic, educational or touching videos with their tots. The site features animated cartoons of popular songs, professional children’s entertainers, book readings and more. This site is based on You Tube and only displays kids friendly contents.


This site is good for those planning to travel to foreign countries, as all reviews are written by users and accompanied by actual pictures.


This site can help videos from You Tube very easily. You can convert videos to formats like .wmv, .mov, .mp4, . 3gp, .mp3, . wav and .flv. Btw, its free too.