Women Assualted in Mangalore Pub

An unheard outfit till now Sri Ram Sena, had some of its activitists barged into one of the happening pubs in Mangalore Amnesia Lounge on Balmatti road. What they did is not what Hindu ethos teach. They beaten up women and molested them. The men who were hanging out with them were no exception and chased out. They claim women visiting pub is against Hindu culture but men hanging out there is not a problem. What a contradiction! On last Saturday due this incident Mangalore had drawn a black spot on its liberal face.

Now who gives them the right to moral police others? Hindu religion profess respect to women and not to harras them. If one carefully reads the Veda or ancient scriptures then one can understand that women had much liberty in ancient India. Liberty has been crippled during mediaval times unfortunately. The government should act before these outfits Talabanise this region.

Government has claimed this may be politically motivated. Well may be, but government need to show right intent by acting on the culprits.

What a shame! See how the cowards hopping on the hapless girls.

As of now only 13 has been arrested for the incident and looks like they are just the foot soldiers. May be even hired goons. The government needs to book the master minds behind this to send the right signals to the society.

Read various reports on this incident in media.

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